Ola USD (OUSD) - Stable cryptocurrency and secure for the smart digital age

OUSD is a stablecoin issued by Ola City Global, reflecting a 1:1 price ratio to the US dollars used to convert to OLA tokens.



OUSD is stable-value cryptocurrency that mirrors 1:1 with the price of the U.S. dollar


Send, receive, and pay with OUSD across borders, no barriers anywhere

Faster and More Economical

Transact OUSD in just minutes with low cost and all are transparently on blockchain

OUSD Staking

Store and receive staking bonuses up to 8%/month to increase passive income

How To Use OUSD?

Trade OUSD On Exchange

Fast transaction, cost savings, support for trading with many other currency pairs.

Earn interest with OUSD

Deposit your OUSD and earn interest with lending

Earn with OUSD Staking

Store and receive staking bonuses from up to 8%/month